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Not 626 related, but who doesn’t love free stuff?

Napoleon’s Macarons is giving away #free ice cream macaron sandwiches at the Westfield Topanga Mall and the Americana Brand on August 2nd for #NationalIceCreamSandwichDay! Your welcome! 

Details here: http://tinyurl.com/lgbl6zd

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

The long-awaited Bambu Desserts & Drinks has finally opened in San Gabriel. Your favorite Vietnamese drinks and desserts are now close to home. There are picture menus of every type of drink clearly marked to help you decide. Popular items are Numbers 1, 6, 10, 11. Mungbean, basil seed, boba, coconut milk…. the list goes on!

  • 432 E Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91776

It was a blast meeting our readers at the 626 Night Market. Here are some of the food pics we took. See you guys at the next one!


Your Foodettes

3 Incredible Cantonese Dishes You Need To Try Right Now by Yours Truly made the LAist food section today! I’m so excited to share with you all some of my favorite Cantonese dishes that you can’t find anywhere else.Take a look!



We are excited to announce that all our lovely followers will be getting free soy pudding courtesy of AFC Soy Foods at the next three 626 Night Markets! AFC saw that we loved their soy pudding so much that they wanted us to spread the word and let everyone know! For our review on their silky, tasty, and awesomely portable healthy snacks, click here.

All you have to do is go to www.afcsoyfoods.com and enter in your email at the newsletter signup at the bottom of the page. Then, print our exclusive 626 Foodette voucher above!

Rest assured that AFC will never spam you. So go ahead and print the voucher and present it at the AFC Soy Foods booth at any of the 626 Night Markets. AFC will also have tons of games and other deals once you get to the booth!

This offer is valid for all three 626 events at Santa Anita:
July 18 & 194pm-1am
August 15 & 164pm-1am
September 12 & 134pm-1am

New Obsession Alert: Tbay!

For those that have tried Butterbeer from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Tbay is the boba equivalent of that in the 626. The most popular item at Tbay is the Hokkaido Milk Cream Ice Tea. You can choose whether you want it in green, black, or oolong tea. The Hokkaido Milk Cream Ice Tea has a thick, creamy foam layer. The cream is deliciously thick and makes for a perfect milk mustache!

Another favorite is the ice cream green tea. Take delicious ice green tea and drop a big scoop of ice cream inside. How can you go wrong? Tbay is a bit hidden in the 168 Plaza. Look out for Pizza Hut and go around the corner! 

  • 923 E Las Tunas Dr
    San Gabriel, CA 91776

New Product Alert: Soy Pudding 

This is AFC’s new soy pudding. If you go to dim sum and you like doufuhua/tofu pudding or flan, then you’ll love AFC’s version of it. Their soy pudding is served cold, which is great especially in the hot summer weather we’re experiencing right now. The texture of the pudding is extremely soft and melt in your mouth-both of which are qualities we look for when eating a good tofu pudding!

There’s a perforated line in the middle. You just tear it apart grab a spoon and you’re ready to go. The soy pudding comes in a slew of different, natural flavors. It’s cholesterol free, has no preservatives, and is also gluten free! After testing all the different available flavors, I decided that my favorite one was lychee. The lychee flavor was not overpowering. It still tasted like soy pudding, but has a slight sweet lychee aftertaste, which wasn’t too sweet. It was a good balance.

The large gift pack of 4 soy puddings are avaible for only $4, or a box of twelve (choice of any favors) for $10. You can find these new AFC Soyfoods Soy Puddings at your local Chinese/Asian supermarket or at the next 626 Night Market, which will be on July 18th and 19th at the Sanita Anita Race Track!

Whether you want dim sum that is cheap or high-end, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered with this dim sum guide to the San Gabriel Valley. Here’s Kristie’s Ultimate Guide to Dim Sum in the SGV on LAist. Click here to view the list and get ready to drool!


Are you ready for some dim sum?

Night Owl Cafe By Kristie H. 

Night Owl Café is a cute little cafe tucked away in a back corner of a lot behind CVS between Las Tunas Drive and Live Oak in Arcadia. They have a simple menu made up of waffles, crepes, sandwiches, pizza toast, and drinks.

Waffles are made fresh on the spot! I opted to try the berries party waffle fingers, which came with 4 sticks of waffles on top along with a scoop of ice cream, custard, whipped cream, and a variety of different berries. The waffles were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The cup it came in is layered with mixed berries, custard, ice cream, and whipped cream. While the waffle was tasty, the biggest finger licking surprise were the small waffle bits at the bottom of the cup that soaked up all the berry and custard flavors and tasted better second time around!

I also ordered a chicken club sandwich, which was very Hong Kong style. Each piece was super thick and filling. There were 3 pieces of toast in each sandwich. They didn’t skimp on the bacon either! For drinks, I ordered the fresh fruits ice tea. I could tell there was passion fruit inside. I’m a sucker for anything passion fruit so that drink automatically won my vote. The drink was also topped with a Li hing mui aka salty dried plum. Tasty!

Overall, I loved the décor. It was rustic and cute. I felt like I was being transformed to another area. It definitely didn’t feel like I was still in the San Gabriel Valley. I also loved the sassy signs placed throughout the store. The staff was so nice. They kept walking around and asking if everything was okay.

The biggest compliant would be that food was on the pricier side, but honestly the ambiance and good service kind of made up for it. Our total for 2 drinks, a waffle, and a club sandwich came out to $22. There’s also a lot of discounts they have available. You can check in on yelp or join their email list to get a deal.

Night Owl Cafe is located at 168 Las Tunas Drive in Arcadia, (626) 294-9436.

Happy Eatings!

Here is the official list of participating businesses for #626Day! Enjoy these great deals in their stores: http://bit.ly/626Day-2014