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By: Kristie H. 

Ducks hanging in the window? Check. Crispy pork hanging in the window? Check!

This tiny Sham Tseng on Garvey took over an old, underwhelming Sam Woo back in the day. Over the years, it’s become a gold star location for fast, express Hong Kong/Cantonese BBQ. For the record, when they opened, they had a “C” rating and now they’re up to a ‘B’! Classic. Moving on up, baby!

This is an extremely tiny restaurant with only about 6-8 booths. Many patrons order their party trays and Chinese versions of Thanksgiving turkeys from them. Food comes out quick, fast, and in a hurry. Their best meats here are their goose, roasted piglet, and duck. You can pick up your typical BBQ items here as well. I like fried intestines, cuttlefish, and BBQ pork Cha Siu.

They currently have a special for $9.99 individual “Shark’s fin” soup pots. I use quotes because we all know that there’s probably barely/if any actual shark’s fin in the soup. The soup is tasty so it may be worth $9.99 just to have some good soup on a little flame pot. Also if you sit down, you get a bowl of complimentary Cantonese soup to start off your meal. 

FYI, I typically like to frequent the bigger and nicer Alhambra location, but I’m sad to report that that particular location will be closing by the end of the month. 

634 W Garvey Ave

Monterey Park, CA 91754

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